Monday, August 17, 2009

The What-If's

I have a case of the what-if's again. Those dastardly, continuous, nagging worries that ride a merry go 'round in one's mind.

So many what-ifs...

What if I don't get to defend in September, before the deadline when I'll be on the hook for a whole semester of tuition?

What if I don't defend successfully?

What if the Government doesn't follow through on the promise to provide me 2 years of public service employment when I successfully defend my thesis?

What if there are just no jobs IN the government to be had by the time I get there?

What if I get a job that I hate?

What if I can't find a decent job at all, on my own?

What happens if my savings run out before I find employment?

What happens if I get a job that has NOTHING to do with my specialization in Gerontology and health promotion?

I wish I could quiet my mind. I'm getting tired of the merry go 'round...