Friday, January 23, 2009

Dragging myself uphill by my lips

The data analysis continues.

Crosstab hell. Logistic regression output all over my floor. Pink highlighted boxes of percentages and observed frequencies...

Plenty of good significance level, plenty of power in the sample populations in both data sets.

Now I have to write my interpretation of it all, draft graphs of everything and explain it all.

I wonder if I have to energy or the will to finish this...I started it. I wanted it. I drove myself until I got it. Now, I struggle to put aside a couple of hours daily to work on it.

Do I really care whether or not it gets published in a journal? The academic overachiever in me says yes. The person inside me who is weary of being a student and just wants to go back to earning a living, says meh.


  1. Go and kick their asses until your name is scratched into! One day they won't pass you without knowing you! Just a few more months to go after years of torture. Maybe it is, because you see the end of the horizon. We know you can do it and YOU know too! Lift your ass and go!

  2. Thank you Kimmy...
    I'm tired of being poor. I'll finish it, I know I will.