Friday, September 11, 2009

The Key to Friendship

What is the key to friendship? To a genuine connection? To a blend of people who understand each other on subcutaneous levels without or perhaps in spite of, superficial differences?

Is it really only birds of a feather stick together?

Is it that opposites attract?

Is it that two people agree on all things? See the same things through the same eyes?

Is it a healthy blend of difference of opinion built on a base of shared experience?

Is it a foregone conclusion, that to maintain a friendship, two people give each other unconditional "yes"'s to questions? Does one bite one's tongue, refrain from sharing harsh truths in order to keep the other feeling supported?

What is the role of a friend at the crossroads of opinion?

Personally, I don't think compromising truth for the sake of the "yes" requirement is the key to a real friendship.

Perhaps I've lost the key to that door.

Well, they do say that when one door closes, another will open. Maybe I'll take my chances with some windows...

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