Monday, January 4, 2010

Note To Self

Never, under any circumstances, go to work on a MONDAY following a string of stat Christmas and New Years holidays, without a cup of hot, steaming coffee in-hand.

Never, ever, walk out the door leaving the travel mug full of the elixir of the Gods, sitting on the counter.

Never walk caffienless in the front door of a complex care facility and hope to make it through the day...

I think I may have to go to sleep with the bag of coffee beans strapped to my forearm.


  1. Coffee is good. Let me clarify that. Good coffee is good. Weak, tasteless, watery coffee isn't worth a dime.
    I meet a coffee group every weekday morning at 7:00 and we usually laugh ourselves stupid.
    As a fellow lower mainland resident I enjoy seeing the photos of the areas I recognize.
    Thanks for your kind comments. One of the hardest things with seeing my friend, Anne in the care home in White Rock was how much younger she was than pretty much all of the other residents.

  2. You're right Lori! GOOD coffee is good. Drip coffee is all I got my taste buds on yesterday and it was deeply insufficient in my work environment!
    Dementia and Alzheimer's do affect a range of ages in the lifespan. I understand how hard it is to watch a younger person transition into care facility living.
    The best we can do as care providers in such facilities, is to make sure resident-centred care is paramount and make it as dynamic a life as possible :)