Friday, April 15, 2011

In advance of butterfuly vomitus...

In advance of what might become a major turning point in my life, the life of my partner AND our dog's life, I'd like to thank the Universe.

That is, I'd like to thank the Universe in advance of anything...well...that might make me seem silly over the next few days.

I have a tendency to get silly when I am nervous. I smile a lot more. I laugh for seemingly, no good reason.  It gets awkward.  I'm kinda like a socially inappropriate chimpanzee.   I'll blame my genetic linkage to my chimpanzee cousins what with 96% of human DNA being identical to that of the chimpanzee.  

Human origins...whatcha gonna do?  Thanks for that, too Universe.

I promise not to start chucking rocks or fecal matter.  Cross my heart.  You can thank the Universe for that.

But holy smokes, am I nervous.  As a matter of fact, I think there could be butterfly vomitus (thanks Melissa, for the visual).  I imagine it would resemble a rainbow. A rainbow with wings...and antennae. 

I have to pick out clothes that can hide said butterfly vomitus.  What's the best kind of gum to chew when your breath smells like butterflies?  Something colourful, to hide the stains.

I thank the Universe for colourful, fruity gum. I thank the Universe for stain resistant, modern fibers. I thank the Universe for teaching me how to twirl a pen and bob my I can be nervous AND have a couple of "ticks" to fall back upon.

I thank the Universe for sending me on this journey of opportunity, no matter what happens. 

Just think of me as Unervous in the Universe. With rainbow butterfly wings on my tongue.



  1. The Universe is very generous if you ask nicely. I asked the Universe for my husband. I just asked. And just like that, he was sent my way :) Its amazing what you can get just by asking :)

    I'm sending you lots of love and good thoughts...and butterflies!


  2. Thank you MizzEinstein :)

    I'm learning to ask and to be intentional :)

    Thank you for the love and the butterflies!