Monday, June 13, 2011

Movin' On

You know what? It's time for you to get over it and move on.

Life isn't a dress rehearsal, it's "go" time all the time.  You missed that memo?

As adults we don't often get do-overs or backsies.  Those happen on the elementary school playground, not in adult life.

He isn't a Wagon Wheel you trade up for.

Didn't see that before hand?

Suck it up.

You had your chance.  You had lots of chances.  You took them and wasted them.  Now you regret it.

So regret it.

You still love him?  That's great, because he's definitely worth it.

You wasted the greatest gift of wasted his love for you.

You made all those moves and all those choices as an adult.  You can't blame anyone but yourself.

Your regret doesn't change  that you helped him fall out of love with you, little by little.  You broke his heart moment by moment so that by the time he physically left you, his heart wasn't in residence there anymore.

That's a shame. But it's done.

Suck it up.  Be a grown up. Own your part in it.

Love him.  Then let him go.

Because he's gone already.

Your guilt-trip riddled, poor-me, boo hoo thing is tiresome.

You know what? We're over it.

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