Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coffee+Laptop=Caffeinated FAIL

"Lindy Lou, you just cannot have nice things."

That's what Gramma told me. She said it early on in my life and at the time I just brushed it off. I'm a tomboy after all.

Well this morning, I heard a distinctly otherworldly "I told you so" moments after my spare travel mug filled with my workout reward latte threw itself all over the left side of my laptop keyboard.

I caught it. Too late of course. It turned my laptop upside down. I wiped it off. I turned it off, took off every key tab, dried it off and put each one back on. Yes, in the right order.

When I turned it back on, I couldn't get past the password prompt...because the "U" key was stuck and the backspace key is broken off and the left arrow key just won't go back to the way it was.

I turned it off again. I had a moment of shining brilliance. It hit me. THE BLOWDRYER! Yessssss....I will dry out the keyboard.

Part II of caffeinated FAIL commences.

I melted the following keys into art pieces: "Z", "X", "C", "F", Space bar.

Thus I have a long List of the Fallen due to today's caffeinated FAIL:

"Space bar"
"Left Arrow"

I'd like to thank those keys for their years of faithful service and for their sacrifice. Their time was over much too soon. I'd like to write a poem in their honour, but poetry just isn't my bag, baby.

I'd like to thank my friend Keith Ramsey and some other Twitter pals for their collective suggestion to try using an external keyboard, which is indeed allowing me to use my scarred and disfigured Toshiba laptop.

I've never paid much attention to how things look. Its the content of their character that's important to me.

Well that and I just can't have nice things.

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