Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Act of Cookie

This morning on my march to school the sun was shining and Bob Marley was playing in my ears. "Sun is shining, riddim' is sweet ya...make you wanna move your dancin' feet. To the rescue, here I am..." and at that moment I passed a man, tucked into a vent fronting onto Hastings Street. His face in the heat of the vent. Asleep on the sidewalk.

To the How can I rescue the homeless.

Well, I can't.

What I can do, is share. I can share coffee and a cookie. I know its not much but coffee and a cookie in the sunshine is Bob Marleyesque.

So, I brought the man a coffee and a giant chocolate chip cookie (mmmmmmmm cookie) and I hope that at least brought a "sun is shining" moment to his day.

Thank you Bob Marley, I feel like I'm a rainbow too.


  1. I hope everyone can offer a small token of warm food to someone who is homeless. Costs nearly nothing and gives much...

  2. aww Lindy you totally brightened up his day for sure...cookies make everything better...for the moment anyway. I love you and your sweet spirit.


  3. I've done that, too. I was outside a Tim Horton's about a month ago and a guy wanted some money for a coffee. So, we went inside and I got one for him. He was very appreciative and wanted me to stay and chat but I couldn't. But I felt good that i was able to brighten someone's day during such a cold nasty winter. The guy at the counter said he was sorry that the guy was bothering me and i told him I was happy to do it. I don't have much myself but its times like that that made me see how fortunate I really was :)